The Future of Espresso Grinders

Baratza’s new tech coffee grinder

Technology in coffee is constantly changing. The last five years there has been a huge improvement to the home barista scene. This new grinder from Baratza is their new product meant for home baristas and in small cafe environments.

Kyle Anderson, mechanical genius and co-founder of Baratza, designed one of his first grinders for Starbucks. Eventually, he started his own business of coffee grinders for home machines and cafes. In present day, Starbucks now sells Baratza grinders and this is just the start for Baratza. To hear more of Kyle’s story check out I Brew My Own Coffee podcast.

If you’re looking for a 40mm conical burr grinder that can grind coffee in about 3.5g to 5.5 g/sec for under $500 or less then this is it! What makes this grinder unique, is the revolutionary grinder technology where the outer burr rotate and the inner burr is fixed. This new technology doubles efficiency and because the burrs are vertical the coffee passes straight through to a espresso portafilter or coffee bin with minimal grind retention.

In addition to macro/micro grind adjustment you can connect the Baratza 270W to Bluetooth capabilities designed to monitor, log and track grind sessions, weights and settings.

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