Sonoran Style — This Hot Dog Will Change Your Life

Sonoran Hot Dogs

If I had to choose between sex and a Sonoran hot dog, I’d go for the Sonoran hot dog. I’m not saying it’s better than sex, but darn close. Plus, you don’t have to talk to it afterwards or feel embarrassed if you finish too quickly.

La Estrella Bakery, Tucson, AZ

It all starts with a special Mexican bun. So many people think it starts with the bacon, but that’s a mistake. It’s the delicious bun that sets this hot dog apart. It has a soft texture and a unique slightly sweet flavor. I’ve only found them in specialty Mexican bakeries like La Estrella in Tucson, AZ.

Next up is the bacon wrapped hot dog which is grilled over mesquite. This is where the rubber meets the road, so to speak. Bacon is delicious. Hot dogs are delicious. Put the two together and you’ve got something magical. There’s a man or woman in Hermosillo, MX, where the Sonoran hot dog originated over 20 years ago, that deserves our sincere gratitude.

The bun is not cut end-to-end, but rather a pocket is made in-between. Once the bacon wrapped hot dog is grilled to perfection, it is gently placed within the pocket. As is, this would already be amazing, but this party is just getting started. Pinto beans are next, then grilled onions, red onions, tomatoes, mayo, crema, mustard, and salsa.

My favorite place to get them is Guero Canello in Tucson. I usually order the Sammy Dog which has two bacon wrapped hot dogs instead of one. I figure the Sammy is healthier than ordering two individual dogs, less carbs.

If you’re ever in Tucson, pay a visit to Guero Canello, or one of the many stands, and enjoy a Sonoran hot dog. Also, be sure to sample the roasted jalapenos. They roast them outside and the smell, as you walk in, is amazing.