Can Trump Manage America’s Brand?
Timothy O'Leary

I think the primary question is somewhat misled. The president is brand leader by default.

What we are seeing now is just a twisted glorification of 80s America standing against the world of yellow, brown and black faces with even more political and economic power than ever.

The mantra of “bunkering down” against:

  • Job market shifts due to perpetual increases in low-pay worker volume
  • Automation replacing physical and mental labor
  • inevitable interest rates increases

continue to resonate despite being ignorant and moot long-term.

America’s brand has been white since inception and, thankfully, has made efforts to be legally inclusive despite the baked-in WASP narrative.

Sadly, pro-Trump powers and to a lesser extent voters are too uninformed or short-sighted to know how to craft a sustainable brand. Because the brand they are pushing now can’t even stand up in America let alone the world.