Coconut Products Under Your Brand Label

Hello everyone,

We at MA-Ceylon, would like to introduce our self as a organic coconut products manufacturer and supplier. Our factory has been located in Srilanka known as ceylon. our organic coconut products are 100% natural and no preservatives added.

For the first time we came up with a decision to help small and medium business people around the world. Yes.! You don’t need to worry if you don’t have a coconut product factory or plant. We will be with you as your manufacturer. We will provide good quality product that are certified by United States Department of Agriculture(USDA) and EU. We will provide you competitive price for for the bulk purchases.

Coconut directly from tree.
Lab testing

We have varities of products such as Organic Virgin coconut oil, Organic Coconut milk, Organic Coconut water, Organic desiccated coconut, Organic creamed coconut and ceylon cinnamon as well.

If you have interest in our products or if you want to get more details about our product range and pricing, please contact us via our contact us page in the website.

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email :

(Please mention your requirement clearly )

Thank you very much,

MA-Ceylon Team.

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