Portland Incubator Experiment x London’s Accelerator Community

Hey London,

If you are interested in new models for new products and companies, whether startups or within corporates, this post is for you.

P.I.E., the 8 year old Portland Incubator Experiment, will be publishing all of its learning as an “open source accelerator cookbook.”

As an experimental child of creative juggernaut Wieden + Kennedy in partnership with clients like Nike in Portland, Oregon the good folks at PIE have tried pretty much everything. Learned much. Failed much. Succeeded much.

Pretty awesome learning I’d say, and here’s what’s even more awesome for us here in London:

— > If over 100 Londoner sign up, P.I.E. founders Renny and Rick will fly themselves all the way over here to Great Britain to share the learning in person and bring together the accelerator/incubator/investor community

— > AND, I’ve lined up WeWork on Chancery Lane, to host and cover all costs of the event, beer included 🍻 or coffee/tea if you prefer ☕️ (date to be determined by all participants)

So for less than the price of an iTunes track you get lovely learning, to help build build a special community of London’s startup leaders and free beer. Not bad.

My humble ask of you:
1. Tell 5+ friends you think might be interested
2. Sign up yourself on Kickstarter here
3. Tell you influential social network you signed up
4. See you at beers

Thanks for reading this far. We hope to see you there. Feel free to get in touch and say hi beforehand if you want to chat accelerators, products or coffee.

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