Ngwato Modise

Ngwato. Him who said “ its deep”

Foamed around the mouth to dip thoughts and distil ideas for us to relish the sweetness of solitary labor

I see the dangling camera sling

I hear the click of the camera

so sleek I can hear his rebuke “having a camera doesn’t make you a photographer”, cigarette dangling, while Dot cries “whereas” gangly uncombed with sharp tongue fused with erudition

This time with no guitar

Wide smile with a spade on hand dig the depth of deep

he speaks “its deep”

I remember this piece,I remember the spring on his heels

when stage was set

His was to document and inscribe memory on stone

Use voice, ink and papyrus to move you

Let you feel and respond to the beauty and complexes of life

his was endless solitary labor

He served, his work will remind us of the depth he gorged in our lives Ngwato!

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