Intrapreneur: If you’re unfamiliar with Silicon Valley-style startup lingo, please don’t mistake an intrapreneur for an entrepreneur. They’re entirely different beasts. As a matter of fact, the intrapreneur is a unique blend of two professionals who can out-innovate even the most talented entrepreneur.

Meet today’s ultimate disruptor

An intrapreneur is…

By Paul Holland, General Partner at Foundation Capital

The earliest companies in Silicon Valley were created by dreamers. Driven by visions of an improved future, these dreamers built entirely new areas of technology, including semiconductors, computers and networking. But those ventures also laid the groundwork for companies today, which are…

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is the

Next-Generation Design Thinking

We were recently asked (again) if the Rapid Ingenuity Practices were inspired by Agile and Scrum methodologies.

The simple answer is “No.”

End of blog?


Since we keep getting asked, it’s probably worth taking a closer look at how they’re related.

Agile has its roots in software development, but…

Photo credit: jurvetson / Foter / CC BY

Leslie Berlin is right on point in her latest blog post making a case for the three forces that continue to shape Silicon Valley: A culture born of a high quality of life and world-class universities, investment funds from the Valley’s efficient capital markets, and technology that continues to enable…

The rise of incubators, accelerators and a critical mass of successful serial entrepreneurs has played a positive role in driving methodology and rigor into the process of building startups. That discipline has increased both the pace of growth and disruption, and shortened the time to learning. Steve Blank, successful serial…

There are tectonic changes happening that will eliminate hundreds of thousands of jobs, close factories and have a major effect on the global allocation of capital.

And you can guess from the title of this blog who I’m going to blame.

Google and those crazy autonomous vehicles.

For those of…

The Clash might have been writing an anthem for want-to-be entrepreneurs inside big companies when they penned their hit song.

In his latest post in TechCrunch entitled “Consider Pitching A ‘Virtual Startup’ To Your Boss” author Steven Sokol (@ssokol) highlights one of the big differences between virtual startups and “real”…

No Unicorns were harmed in the making of this image.

It’s Only Just Begun

The battle of the G1000 Dinosaurs vs the billion dollar Unicorns is getting lots of attention these days. And if the pundits are to be believed, it will result in one of the largest shifts in shareholder value mankind has ever seen.

This week saw missives from both sides. From…

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