Should I Stay or Should I Go?

The Clash might have been writing an anthem for want-to-be entrepreneurs inside big companies when they penned their hit song.

In his latest post in TechCrunch entitled “Consider Pitching A ‘Virtual Startup’ To Your Boss” author Steven Sokol (@ssokol) highlights one of the big differences between virtual startups and “real” startups — equity. Sokol asserts, “Traditional startups…have a huge pool of (initially) worthless stock. It’s far easier for a traditional startup to offer a mix of salary and equity to attract and retain talent.”

The truth is the Global 1000 are full of smart, enterprising, intrapreneurs with the talent, smarts, and experience needed to birth and raise new business — but who don’t want to take the high risk bet of leaving their company on the off chance they might strike it rich when and if their startup goes public.

These entrepreneurs-in-waiting know the odds of a What’s App-like equity bonanza are about the same as becoming the lead singer of a legendary rock band. Still, many find themselves torn between the security offered by their current positions and the siren song of Silicon Valley.

The good news. Virtual startups offer these secret founders the best of both worlds — a way to stay and go. And these startups offer the G1000 a way to hang on to some of their best and brightest talent — while producing value for everyone.

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