Blog#4 JavaScript

JavaScript is a programming language used to make websites more interactive. It is a language that is used to program how the website behaves. JavaScript requires a lot of skill to program, you need to turn your logic into code, and use math to figure out timing, or functions. I think learning is JavaScript will be hard, but I won’t give up. It will be a useful skill to learn if I want to make a website in the future, because you need it to make the buttons, and search bars on your website.

HTML, CSS, and JavaScript go hand in hand together, to make the basic website you need to know HTML, and to make the website pleasing to the eye you need to know CSS. JavaScript is used to program the buttons, task bars, and calendars. JavaScript is the mechanics of how the website works.

Java and JavaScript are used for two different purposes, JavaScript is based off of Java, but Java is used as the back-end, its the server side of the programming, and it doesn’t deal with the website. Unlike Java, JavaScript is the front-end, and you design how the website behaves, you work with the client to meet their wants.

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