Announcing Machiavellic — The Next Generation NFT-Driven MMO

The gaming space has a bone to pick with NFTs, the acronym for Non-Fungible Tokens. The very short of it is that an NFT is essentially an asset that cannot be exchanged with another identical item. $1 is $1 in all cases. But you cannot exchange a painting with another identical painting. The painting is non-fungible.

The main argument made by the general population at this time is that NFTs are a scam. That they represent nothing of value and are an instrument of greed. But NFTs as a technological concept has a lot to offer gaming, and solve a myriad of very serious issues plaguing the industry today.

Machiavellic is a stark example of a game that leverages NFTs and blockchain technology to break through these growing constraints laid out by game developers today.

Lately, it seems wherever you look a game is either trying to make you pay an ever-increasing retail price and follow that up with dozens of microtransaction offerings or is a freemium game with predatory addictive gambling mechanics like Gacha pulls or Lootbox “surprise mechanics”. Or maybe a collection of both.

How do NFTs and Blockchain come into this?

Here is where Machiavellic uses the blockchain and NFTs to effectively defeat this paradigm. By utilizing blockchain technology Machiavellic allows players to earn for themselves by trading and selling their items or resources to one another. Essentially, players can monetize their own efforts to one another.

Machiavellic as a project survives by taking a small transaction fee from each sale made in its in-game marketplace. This allows Machiavellic to focus on just making the game fun and not nickel-and-diming the player at every turn, as the game benefits from engagement and not trying to exploit the player for as much money as it can.

The project also heavily leverages NFTs to create a truly unique experience unavailable elsewhere. Since the blockchain allows players to maintain a history of anything in perpetuity, important milestones in the game’s history can be immortalized on the gear itself.

Each player can collect and upgrade dozens of components, weapons, armor, skills, and more to craft a playstyle that suits them best.

So as an example, if a player defeats the first raid boss ever instantiated, their gear can be inscribed to say that this gear was used to defeat the first boss ever. Or the first ever crafted super weapon can be inscribed as the first terror unleashed on the planet, crafted by the hands of whatever the name of that player is.

This gives real value to both players and collectors who put in the effort to achieve these milestones, furthering the cultural and historical elements of the game.

Machiavellic’s final major objective is to bridge the traditional gaming scene with Web3 by abstracting the blockchain elements in it. Gamers who are not familiar with the crypto space will still be able to play, opening up the project’s potential player base by over 20x and accessing a 440 billion dollar and growing industry.

For more details, visit for a fuller breakdown of the project.



The Next Generation NFT-Driven MMO Bridging Web2 and Web3.

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