Dear David,
Jai Flicker

>> In your introduction you say, “The idea is sound.” But then almost immediately write, “I don’t see your movement as actually helping. If anything, from where I stand, your movement is liable to aid the establishment.” Why would a “sound idea”, especially one designed to nominate “progressive outsiders” and “shift the Democrats toward progressivism”, end up aiding the establishment?

Because a sound idea does not a sound execution make. I’m sure they mean well, and their intentions seem wonderful. But TYT and Cenk have a record of capitulating to the status quo, which ultimately helps the status quo, and hurts the left. I explain it pretty plainly: If the Democrats know they can get TYT support just by smearing and attacking the left, they’re going to continue smearing and attacking the left. I’m hoping Justice Democrats choose to go a different route.

>> And other progressives, like Kyle Kulinski, who actually had a big hand in coming up with the platform.

My only experience with Kulinski is seeing that his show features white nationalist and alt-right guests like Sargon of Akkad, giving them airtime and Youtube hits.

There are other options out there. Democratic Socialists of America, for example, don’t have a record of endorsing corporatist Democrats as a reward for cheating and smearing the left. I think Justice Democrats could potentially be a good thing. I just worry that, with TYT’s record, that what they say and what they’ll do are two different things.

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