Open Letter to “Justice Democrats”

I’m going to keep this relatively short.

To preface and get us all on the same page, a few figures, including the team from The Young Turks, has created a new organization they’re calling Justice Democrats. The idea is sound. They want to start nominating and campaigning for progressive outsiders, in an effort to shift the Democrats toward progressivism, and away from corporatism. They have a great foundation for their platform, and I think they have the best of intentions.

That said. I have an open letter for them. Maybe they’ll respond. Who knows?

Dear Justice Democrats,

Why should I work with you? I like what you stand for. I want what you want. But I need some assurances before I can support your movement.

The problem is, I don’t see your movement as actually helping. If anything, from where I stand, your movement is liable to aid the establishment.

I’ll offer a couple of case-in-points based on TYT’s record.

First, TYT constantly, consistently celebrates Elizabeth Warren. I heard TYT pounding her drum long before she made a name for herself, and they still use her as an example of a politician they support. Elizabeth Warren just announced she’ll be backing Ben Carson for HUD secretary. This isn’t an issue of “purity politics.” This is an unacceptable choice, and runs entirely contrary to your stated platform and mission. As well, Warren opportunistically waited until late in the Democratic Primary and endorsed Hillary Clinton, the celebrated face of the corporatist establishment. Are Justice Democrats going to primary Elizabeth Warren? Are they going to fight her? And if so, will TYT continue to praise her, and talk about how she should have been the Presidential nominee for the Democratic Party?

Second, Hillary Clinton. Yes, TYT has been more critical of her than the mainstream press. But that’s not good enough. During the Democratic Primary, as early as February, TYT was talking about how they wouldn’t write Sanders off, but the moment he became no longer likely to win, they would endorse Hillary Clinton. This is unacceptable for multiple reasons. The most important is, it tells Democrats that they can rig primary elections, that they can punch left at every opportunity, and that they can run utterly disastrous candidates and you will fully support them regardless. The second is, it states that there’s no line, that there’s no principle you won’t support so long as it means opposing the GOP. It states to the public that you’re against the GOP, not for progressivism.

If the Democrats know that all they have to do is beat progressives at an unfair game to get your full support, they will continue to run unfair games, expecting your endorsement. The Democrats already know that if they want Cenk Uygur’s endorsement, all they have to do is sabotage progressives. What kind of progressive message is that? How do I know that if I volunteer for, donate to, or otherwise support Justice Democrats, that they will not simply capitulate and back the same disastrous establishment candidates and policies that gave us Donald Trump?


Someone who wants better