CRM, a vast ocean of code I saw

Head over to the Zoho CRM and see for yourself, well for the first time you will not feel it but as you go deep in it, you will realise the small small things that this CRM has implemented then you will get amazed by this amazing product.

As a programmer, I got the chance to look at the vast ocean of code of this ZOHO CRM and experience like I was swimming in the ocean not knowing which way goes to where , I mean literally I was amazed how it has expanded,how it created little little things for its customers, the feeling of debugging it was on another level. I am grateful for the opportunity given by ZOHO to me for working in such a vast product.

This CRM that I worked in won many awards, it had gone into Paul Greenberg’s (PG) CRM Watchlist 2022 award against major players like Adobe, Microsoft, Oracle, SAP, Salesforce, and ServiceNow with the highest score and distinction , awards “Business Choice Awards 2019” to Zoho CRM, beating 4 times winner — Sugar CRM! , Zoho CRM has been nominated for The Sleeter Group’s Awesome Apps Awards.

ZOHO CRM is build using Javascript, Java and its associated frameworks like Struts,Spring boot and with the help of lot of Microservices built around it,lot of internal frameworks with thousands of teams managing everything, its just amazing. I had so much fun debugging this vast ocean, the frontend JS, backend complex codes, reducing complexities using cached,different algorthims, the code optimisations, its just another level experience one can have.

I hope to see more of things like this which invokes the feelings like this ZOHO had done , the software world is just amazing , always loved to be a part of it in my lifetime.

See you ….



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