Marketing Extravaganza

how to stand out of the crowd

“I am not STRANGE. I am just not NORMAL”


Extravagancy brings extra attention, and is good. We need it more nowadays.

We live in the age of visual information flooding social media walls. Tones of high quality photographs and high definition video scrolls every couple of seconds through our smartphones’ and tablets’ screens. To get noticed, you need to amaze, not just to show. And all of this in under 3 seconds. Or your message will be lost, like tears in the rain (I love the Bladerunner movie, as you can tell).

I would like to share my experience with successful social media campaigns I had been running:


  1. Simplicity

That is the hardest part. If your product or service is complicated, you need to describe it preferably in no more, than five words.

2. Video

Most of the time, I get a better response, when I show a short video, which demonstrates the key message. It must be short — the shorter the better. Thirty seconds video is the new full feature movie in social media today.

3. Engagement

Ask for others’ opinions. Ask questions. And listen. Facebook is not an announcement board. People talk to each other here.

4. Compelling story

The story itself is much more important than quality of photographs or video. If you get people’s attention in first 3 seconds, everyone wins — you, their attention, they — something of value to consider. And demonstrate some extravagance. You will stand out of the crowd for sure.

5. Showing you are human

Hiding behind a company logo, when it is not as famous as Nike, Apple or Ferrari, will not bring you followers. People follow people, not companies. Become the face of your firm.


1. Posting your offer only

Every one does it, so how are you different?

2. Not replying to questions or doing it late

Do you reply to messages in 2 or 3 days, and not during weekends? The chances I will find the answer elsewhere are high. My money will go there, too.

3. Directing to a website, which does not work good on a smartphone

Check the statistics of your visitors and which devices they use. It speaks for itself…

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