Social Media Works

I have heard many voices say that social media marketing is just a buzz word, and that ROI is much better in traditional media such as TV, print and outdoor advertising.
When I hear these opinions, my first question is: could you show me, what you have done with social media so far?
In fact many companies have very moderate ROI — not because social media marketing doesn’t work, but because they do social media in the same way they do TV, print and outdoor advertising.
Their social media posts are shouting out loud: Promotion Now! Super discount only for You! Take a look at our new offer!

In fact, such social media marketing approaches do not work.

Social media marketing is a long term endeavour. It is about building trust. You build trust, when you share, sincerely, your thoughts, values and ideas with your target community. To have a community, to build one, you need to share content which is of value to your potential community. Content of value shares something your potential community has not considered before, have not known before, or would like to know more about. You build trust by putting out such content. You also build your brand this way. That is a sign of our times.
Old school TV, print and outdoor media are having less and less viewers. So called „digital marketing” — meaning banners and e-mailing — are having even fewer viewers in 2017, than they had just 3 years ago. That is also a sign of our times. Yet, major firms seem not to notice these facts and trends.
Let me underline the statement, some people already shout out loud — I join that voice, as well:

Social Media is the current state of the internet.

Many born before year 2000 do not own a TV set at all. Have you noticed, that a smartphone or a tablet is a natural device for a Millennial? Have you noticed, that when young people meet face to face, they talk to each other just for a few minutes, and most of the time which they spend together, they are looking down at Facebook or Instagram or Snapchat posts on their smartphones; while they sit in front of each other?
These observations are not measurable. They will not show up in statistics. This is the world we live in today, in the 2017.
If you want to grab the attention of Millennials, you should show up where they do — Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat. Not TV, print and billboards, which they pass by, looking down at the screens of their digital devices…

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