about#02: Are Leaders Born or Made?

Based on the article by Daniel Goleman and my experiences

According to article What Makes a Leader? by Daniel Goleman, emotional intelligence is vital. I agree 100% with this statement. A Leader should work hard on this personal competence. Wait. So if you can develop this skill does it mean that a Leader can be made?

I heard motherfuckers sayin’ they made Hov
Made Hov say, “Okay, so, make another Hov!”

Skills of Emotional Intelligence are:

  • Self-awareness — a deep understanding of yourself
  • Self-regulation — the ability to control your impulses
  • Motivation — a deeply embedded desire to achieve for the sake of achievement
  • Empathy — the ability to adopt other people emotions
  • Social skill — doing work while others think that you are not working

According to Mr. Goleman’s article, emotional intelligence can be learned. I believe it too. Does this mean that everyone can become a great leader? I believe it depends how we define a great leader.

My answer is if you’re a leader/dreamer/hustler (call it what you want) you’ll not be able to keep it inside you. And this will inspire people around you.

Do you agree? ;)