Open Source — how we can help each other

Maciej Palmowski
May 27, 2019 · 2 min read

Today there won’t be any code — just a short story about how we can help others.

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A story of one task — “Add a shortcode”

It all began with one task — I had to add one shortcode for a service I was developing. Nothing less, nothing more. After I finished it I thought that maybe I’ll add the OEmbed functionality, so the blog authors could insert content in an easier manner.

After doing it I thought that I have a nice material for a plugin (especially that didn’t have one) — I just needed to polish the code a bit, add a readme file and some images.

All in all — something that was just a simple task ended up as a WordPress plugin that you can download from the official repository.

I believe that I helped someone

This plugin was downloaded over 1000 times so I think that I’ve made some people life easier — they don’t have to copy the HTML code from — the URL is all they need.

Also after my first contributor day during WordCamp Lublin, I realized how important is give to the community. Before it I was more of a taker. Now I’m a Timber Collaborator, I’ve contributed to core and I started giving speeches during WordCamps and MeetUps

I’m not writing this to brag — I do this more about to show that many people create some amazing stuff, but it never gets published. And that’s sad because it’s so easy now — you just have to add a small readme file with some examples and push to GitHub. There is a chance that your script will help solve someone’s problem.

Giving speeches is also easy. Just find the nearest MeetUp and make a presentation about the stuff that you like.

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Open Source, but why?

I see two main reasons:

  • we all use Open Source software — so maybe it’s time to give something in return?
  • I believe in karma — If we’ll help someone else, then maybe someday, someone will help us. Either with some script or maybe in life. You never know.

I hope that I managed to convince at least a few of you that Open Source is cool not only because we can download some free stuff, but it’s also a great place in which we easily contribute and become a part of incredible community.

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