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Motivation-A short story

Do you every have a massive feeling of motivation in the morning, a feeling that you can take on the world, feeling that there are no limits to your ability…Some people can answer this question with the simple answer; yes, but we all consider motivation in our own unique ways, and while it is certainly true that most understand the general traits associated with the motion of being motivated it is often something that comes and goes…I attempt to explore why this is the case and try to give you an insight into what it may be that causes this feeling to arise…

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Uncovering the truth through looking at past occurrences

For many people, motivation is an emotion that starts on a high and slowly dissipates with time, causing a reduction in efficiency and productivity. A good example of not being motivated is children not wanting to go to school or a lack of self discipline when it comes to having a good work ethic. People simple hype themselves up verbally, mentally, and through other ways but don’t sustain the thoughts and emotions that caused them to be motivated initially. As they subconsciously realise the immensity of the work they are undertaking, they become prone to distractions and loss of focus as they lose a level of their self esteem. It is important to remember however, that in this case; self esteem is used to refer to ones capabilities in relation to performance at a work task rather than self esteem in relation to self image and ego.

Whatever the thoughts, however strong or weak; motivation is still lost. Despite this being so, many find that performing certain tasks is far easier than others and the need for motivation is low as other positive emotions are used as fuel or as substitutes for motivation. This is certainly interesting as it suggests that the basic concept of being motivated is something that has a much more secondary nature, like the secondary colours. While motivation is an emotion, it cannot be considered so firstly as other emotions bring it about, while it cannot do the same. People who are more happy are often more motivated, presenting their keenness through getting involved or other such ways. People who exhibit less happiness are not as keen and their productivity is often one that fluctuates. But again, it all largely depends on the individual.

Light in the Dark
What causes the lack of motivation in the first place?

As human beings, in our genes we have codes for various bodily responses. Many scientists claim that some of these are the first ever emotions exhibited by our ancestors, generations ago, such as anger/anxiety, in the fight or flight response. While these feelings were effective in the past, nowadays they seem to hinder progress and cause us issues. In relation to motivation, some of the basic traits exhibited are the avoidance of displeasure. In other words, meaning, preventing the appearance of non-positive emotions. The way this works is simple; a person becomes motivated, over a period of time releases that he/she is becoming bored, and allows for distractions to lead them astray to avoid the negative emotion of boredom, simple…

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How to stay motivated everyday?

The main thing for everyone to do is to recognise that naturally emotions will fluctuate and as they do we will learn and grow from the experiences they endorse. Motivation will also remain something that will fluctuate, but we can feel motivated everyday through leading free lives… Let’s not be materialistic, let’s not stress, but rather take life as it comes and truly enjoy the beauty of nature. When we are tasked with work that we know is likely to be procrastinated over, let’s take a step back, create chunks of work we know we’ll be able to deal with, and get on with it. At the end of the day, at some point during the process of working through one of those chunks our motivation levels will be higher and so we will perform better than expected and each chunk will end up being smaller. But the main message/way to keep being motivated is doing what you like, because, as a result; when we will be asked to do something we don’t like we will still be capable of doing so as our levels of motivation will be naturally high.

The more that we enjoy and share with others, and the less that we hate and cause displeasure to, the more motivated we will be…

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