Why I left Mac for Windows: Apple has given up
Owen Williams

I have the exact opposite with it. It sucks even more than before, and I was a Windows power user in the past.

I was forced to work on Windows at work, my conclusions:

  1. There is no good terminal, nor terminal emulation. Cmder is the best you get, which is again a Linux-running VM. Powershell lags like hell when you put it on Webpack watches, you find yourself repeatadely pressing enter as it doesn’t pick up on changes otherwise. There is Bash but I cannot use it it tries to install pakcages for linux os which are not compatible with windows, in the end, what i need — doesn’t work via Bash at all.
  2. Proformance-wise, the Windows UI frequently lags, crashes and blocks system on numerous occasions, this is just outrageously bad.
  3. Edge as a default browser has too many bugs, for example their Fetch implementation is now currently broken, you have to remove their fetch from windows object and polyfill it. Sings of QA being horribly wrong there.
  4. Hundreds of annoying malware , some of which come along Windows distributions.
  5. Outlook is just a piece of junk, freezes, crashes and burns along with slowing down the whole machine.

The truth is, all this hype is coming from people acknowledging that Microsoft became cool at last — open sourced some of their stuff. That is the only reason people create articles like this.

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