I don’t know who you are or what you’re talking about, dude; I get many, many comments on social…
Caitlin Johnstone

Coincidentally Joshua Frank has a critical of your piece article at counterpunch today.

I’d find Ben Norton’s and Frank’s sentiments perfectly understandable if either of them was a Marxist, which I do not believe either is.

My own view, when I dismount my libertarian socialist mount, is that in an environment where the top 1- 10% but mostly 0.01–1.0%, of the ruling elite uses Machiavellian and Goebbelsian wisdom to divide and, under neoliberalism, fragment the working public into individualistic and politically impotent and irrelevant cyphers it would may make sense, in order to have a hope of coming out of this class-war whole, to ally with other, equally dispensable, plebs.

I do not know if either Norton or Frank is a Sandernista and went along with Jill’s offer to pow-wow with Bernie about a co-presidency…

For my part I’d rather engage in a politics of ‘un-division,’ since divided we fall, and all that…

From a Marxist perspective one needs to ask, wtf happened to class-war?!

Is it not up to us to convince as many of the “other”(alt-right) working class to work with us and against the class that owns most all the capital?

And if these fascists are victims of cradle to grave abuse via indoctrination and daily barrages of propaganda is it not incumbent on us, on the basis of basic human decency, to at least try to set them straight? To solicit dialogue with those conservatives who, say, might ally with a Paul Craig Robert’s point of view? Or, because imperialism and wars form a special sort of evil that goes beyond that which is dispensed as economic duress and so there are huge numbers of right-libertarians and conservatives who would stand with us on that topic? Or because many of those who individualist capitalists wannabes demand that the grubby socialist government take their dirty hands of off their Medicare? Could part of the problem be one of semantics?

Only today Ben Norton at The Real News Network berates the US over its criminal participation in the Saudi’s war on Yemen… but Is he serious about what appears to be his desire to make this slaughter end or, if the price of peace means finding himself (the left) allied with “alt-right fascists,” is it too steep for him?

Anyway. This is a topic, a discussion in the waiting and in need of more exposure. Have you considered dedicating, for instance, a Disqus channel to it?

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