I Did NOT Call For An Alliance With White Nationalists, You Fucking Idiots
Caitlin Johnstone

This is unreadable.

You should stop this pissing fest and start focusing on advocacy around discreet issues where the rejected and poo-pooed, by no longer thinking ideologues, left and right could find serious and vocal common ground.

Perhaps we ought to start at the “beginning” by describing and defining the establishment status quo and the myriad dangers which their policies and political objectives engender. It may be that only in understanding the extend of our shared enemy’s enmity towards us may we able to judge where to draw the red lines beyond which the establishment would, once more, appear as the lesser evil of two evils.

How about compiling, with the help of twitter(?,) a list of potential points of agreement around which (inset >> working class)unity could be achieved so we know what the hell we’re advocating for and against?!

The right-wing working class, let us be clear, on a plethora of significant policy points is located well to the left of the Democrat party and (on foreign policy) even some putative “socialist” outfits.

But it has to be grass roots…it cannot yield this crap: US Green Party Growing Pains; Our Own Crisis Of Democracy — OpEd — http://www.eurasiareview.com/22072017-us-green-party-growing-pains-our-own-crisis-of-democracy-oped/

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