I had a chance to interview Alisan Atvur, a senior user researcher leader at Novo Nordisk. He has influenced products and services that have been used by millions of people, while working for such brands like Apple & Frog.

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You’ve worked for a number of well known design centric companies . From what you saw, how do they approach conceptualization stage? What do they have in common and where they differ?

As you can imagine, every organization has its individual style and approach to managing these concept design activities. It would be nice to point to a specific organizational strategy…

I talk to James Bates, who runs design at Clearleft — a top British UX design shop luring clients from London to seaside.

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When I imagine your Creative & UX duo (James Bates & James Box) fighting over a design feature, I wonder how you guys balance the ever present conflict of form vs function? Who’s got a final say?

If I’m honest we don’t often find ourselves having that discussion. As you say it’s a partnership, and one doesn’t work without the other. But, if there is any disagreement then we’ll just discuss it and seek the opinion of…

If all designers sketched as much as folks at Meld, Sharpie would be a 1B dollar company. I talk to their co-founder and a host of UX Australia, designer with a degree in Mathematics, who finds work inspiration during long meditative bike rides.

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If one checks your website or logo, they could assume sketching is big deal at Meld. Is that right?

I don’t think it’s possible to overstate the importance of sketching as a design tool. We use it a lot, from sketchnoting meetings and workshops, to communicating ideas and concepts, through to capturing feedback. They’re easy to create…

First I wanted to write my own thing on drawing in UX, but I quickly discovered there is already a ton (or two) written on the subject. Here are my top 10 findings. Expect follow-ups ;)

1) 16 Famous Designers Show us Their Favourite Notebooks

By John Brownlee, Co. Design

Every great product starts in a notebook. Not that much in a designer’s head, but more than anywhere — on paper. Designing is perpetually going through a cycle: brain > hand > paper. Here is a great collection of top designers’ notebooks.

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2) Google Ventures on How Sketching can Unlock Great Ideas

By Jake Knapp, Co. Design

“Sketching is the fastest and easiest way to transform abstract ideas into…

I’ve had a chance to interview probably the most passionate & eccentric UX Designer in Europe. Dane with an Texan accent, Danish Royal Theatre Stage Director turned copywriter, turned service designer. Author of popular books on usability & information architecture, owner of shiny white Trabant* (of which I’m extra envious) and a CEO of FatDUX — service design agency based in Copenhagen.

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Thanks for sharing your thoughts on ideation and sketching. Let’s jump right into it. Do you even bother to pick up a pencil these days or do you simply hand it over to your design team?

What is…

Maciek Saganowski

Product Designer. Founder of Ultimo Studio & UID8, UX sketching app. uid8app.com. Host of the biggest product & design event in Poland ProductCamp.pl @saganon

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