For as long as I can remember I’ve been really good at trying really hard. The idea of not giving my full effort to each and every circumstance I face is so foreign that I don’t even know where to begin. This has been a blessing in some cases, but what I’m slowly learning, and what Jesus is patiently revealing to me, is that what is praised as a worldly strength can quickly become your biggest spiritual weakness.

Follow the rules? Easy, not doing the “right” thing makes me feel like a toddler in time out. Do what I’m told? Absolutely, I’d rather do just about anything than face unnecessary confrontation. Be completely content with who I am, where I’m at, and learn from each season as it comes? Not so easy when every bone in my body wants to overcome, try, and succeed.

Jesus first made me aware of my pride in this particular area and then set me free from the fear of failure that gripped who I was for so long. I slowly (i.e. REALLY slowly) became aware that I wasn’t defined by what I could do, but rather who I am to Him. The freedom of that Truth was liberating; it changed my life from the inside out. Then, I once again tried too hard to be who He was slowly showing me I am. If this new freedom He gifted me gave me an entirely new world then continuing to commit my full self in every way possible to change every aspect of my life had to be not only the logical thing to do, but the key to joy, peace, comfort, and all things good.. right?!


So wrong.

With freedom comes discipline. A freedom in Christ is the best feeling I had ever known, but what I failed to recognize is that I had to LET THAT FREEDOM BE ENOUGH. God doesn’t ask us to better ourselves. He doesn’t ask us to exhaust ourselves to better the goodness of the freedom He already gave us.

No matter where you are, no matter how tied down you feel, no matter how desperately you seek the answers, they are not going to provide the fulfillment that fully surrendering to Him and His ways will bring. He doesn’t ask us to try. He doesn’t ask us to become better versions of ourselves for the sake of having the freedom to do so. He asks us to believe with every ounce of who we are that we are defined by what He calls us; loved, desired, worthy, royalty, and fearfully and wonderfully made.

Put down the mask, stop trying to make yourself a better version of who you already are. Silence the voices that define you, the words that wreck you, the circumstances that try to destroy you. Embrace fully that He sees you exactly where you are, He knows exactly where you’re at, and HE CALLS THAT ENOUGH.

Let’s have freedom without contingencies, let’s let the freedom of His love set us free right where we are.

Let’s let it be enough.

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