What’s Facebook Ad Carpet Bombing and Why Does It Matter?

Marcus Svensson
Sep 27, 2017 · 2 min read
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Facebook Carpet Bombing, What’s That?

The term Carpet Bombing in Facebook ads refers to to an ad campaign that aims to reach as many people as possible in a certain location. This may seem counterintuitive because most ad strategies focus on targeting a specific group of people. However, the beauty of Facebook Carpet Bombing lies within targeting as many people as possible and retargeting them with the most accuracy possible.

Where Facebook Ads Carpet Bombing is most used is when you’re targeting local businesses or any campaigns aimed at a specific area. A Facebook ad focused on a specific location may be quite small especially when you layer in behavioral information. As a result, your Facebook ad typically doesn’t perform as well amongst a smaller audience.

Targeted Audience vs. Broader Audience

For example, let’s say you’re targeting accountants and your business is located in Boston. Your audience may start with 50,000 but as you layer on more behavioral date like age groups 25 to 35 and etc. This audience may shrink down to even 5,000.

With Facebook Ads Carpet Bombing, you are going to remove all the limiting factors to expand the audience. For example, instead of Boston, you may target Northeast Massachusetts, expand the age group to 25 to 65.

The Advantage of Facebook Ad Carpet Bombing

Less is better. The primary purpose is to build an audience interested in your offer which is done best with great video ads that have a following CTA. Why video? Because it’s one of the most cost-efficient ways of engaging your audience.

A successful Carpet Bombing Video Ad must:

- Be 20–35 sec long

- Have a pattern interrupt to grab attention within first 3 seconds.

- Explain what you are offering.

- Must include a logical Call-to-Action

Although you’re starting with a much wider audience with people you normally wouldn’t want to reach, you’ll further narrow down the number of people by those who have shown interest by clicking your ad.

Retargeting Your New Audience

As you run your ad, whether it is an image-based or video-based ad, you’re going to drive traffic to your website from those were shown interest by clicking. You can now create a custom audience based off website traffic. An even more effective method is to retarget the new audience based on web traffic or who watched a specific percentage of the video.

Overall, Facebook Ad Carpet Bombing is an effective way for local businesses to gain awareness and drive action from local audiences. If you’re a local business attempting to do ads, this is the way to go and it’s a cost-efficient way of doing ads.

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