This is hard for me to read.

Yes, engineering is all about problem solving and being innovative. I think a lot of women would be happy in this field if they were shown everything that engineers do and not just the getting dirty parts of it. I think that stuff scares the majority of young girls away.

Personally, as being a civil engineer major, I am mostly interested in the design aspect. I would love to help design buildings or bridges. In high school I took a lot of art classes and I was really good at it and I enjoyed it. I’m also a perfectionist so when I do something it absolutely has to be perfect and that’s an important thing when it comes to engineering. I knew I couldn’t get a job that paid what I wanted just for designing actual art, even if it was for a company which would be really competitive anyways.

There’s almost always jobs for engineers and being from Akron, Ohio it’s guaranteed that I will have a job before I even get my degree. Around here at least, women in engineering are heavily supported and promoted. Where I live, it is really encouraged to get women into executive positions at these companies, of course provided that they’re qualified and not just because they’re a women. I think it is more advantageous to be a girl engineer not just because they’re promoted so much and therefore you’ll be more likely to be “picked” but because women offer a different perspective on things, a more creative possibly innovative perspective.

Overall, engineering is great for women and I encourage it, but it most definitely isn’t for all girls. The courses to get an engineering degree are very tough and you have to work hard. But it’s definitely worth it!

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