Build Faster, Measure Faster, (Fail Faster), Learn Faster.

Entrepreneurship is like a game — at least that is how I experience it. You see my parents were not entrepreneurs, so I learned how to become one by being one.

I say it is like a game because growing up that was also how I learned how to play — by playing. Whether it was playing hide and seek, basketball, or football. I learned by doing.

Growing up playing games with my friends was not always easy. It was fun, but not easy. I wasn’t the smartest, not the fastest, and definitely not the biggest, so I got bullied a lot.

In those games, sometimes we would win, sometimes we would lose — or shall I say sometimes we would learn.

But no matter the outcome, we would always celebrate after each game. Winners and Losers (learners) would band together. Yes, we would tease and poke fun at those who lost — but that only means we would be planning how to beat each other in the next game. We were each other’s players, coaches, sportscasters, and fan club.

I realized entrepreneurship is very much like that. There are ideas that will work and there are ideas that are so crappy you would wonder why you even thought of it.

But entrepreneurs who have the most number of bad ideas, entrepreneurs who fail the most — wins!

You see those who fail a lot, means they have been playing a lot. This means that they are actually good enough to stay in the game. As they keep playing, they keep learning. They keep innovating.

My friend, Peter Cauton — one of Google’s start-up mentors, said: The key to building a successful start-up is to Build FASTER, measure FASTER, and learn FASTER.

In one of our conversations he talks about his ventures that failed, companies that he had to painfully let go.

Amidst all these failures, one company succeeded to attract 4.2M USD from a venture capitalist. The rest is history. Peter is now a serial entrepreneur. His formula: Build — measure — learn FASTER.

After setting up the Scale-up Community during ECQ, pivoting my training business, making 60,000 USD during ECQ, and working with world-class mentors. I realized the depth and power of Peter’s formula.

Building the 21 -day challenge from scratch required my team to innovate every single day. Test new ideas. Fail that day. Learn. Retest the following day. Repeat. As we kept doing it, we gained more traction and momentum.

45 days after we launched the Scale-up Community we would have released close to 30 masterclasses, 15 mastery courses, established a digital academy, brought more masters to the Philippines through Game Changers and grew the community to 5,000 members strong.

So. Stay. In. The. game.

As Blair Singer would say, ever failure, every objection is gold. Why? Because it teaches you what doesn’t work so now you can calibrate your offer, your program, your business so that it gets better the next time around.



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