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There are a lot of different social medias out there that people use in the world such as Snapchat, Facebook, Twitter, and plenty more. Well for our social media literacy class we have discuss a lot of different topics and those three we’re discussed as well I’m going to tell you about some when learn in class. As I mention during social media literacy we cover a lot of topics about social media, Twitter Snapchat webinar and a bunch of other topics. The main topic that stood out too me the most that I really found interesting was how much we discussed was webinar and Flip-board. These topics were really good topics that stood out to me because those are two social media sources that we use during class or talk about a lot in class. I feel that both of those sources are really good. Flip-board for example is a great source too use to find very good articles that you like. We have used Flip-board in class before and we discussed some of the articles that we flipped. That’s a very good social media source that people should use more often to find good articles that you like and once you flip the article you can always go back and read it. Webinar is a very good social media source it is also an app that you can download on your phone. This is a great app too have or website you can go to because when we don’t have class, we use webinar and it’s basically class online.

Flip-board as I said before is a great source to have for looking at articles and discussing them in class. For example we saw a article in class about networking and about Facebook, twitter, and Snapchat. People use Facebook, Snapchat, twitter etc. all day everyday. By us using Flip-board and talking about that in class was good information and a good way too get good information about things that is going on. Wether it’s sports that deal with social media, news about social media. Flip-board is also another great social media resource to use. It’s great for our class because are class is about social media and we flip articles about social media and we also talk about them in class so can get more information about social media.

Webinar is really a good resource for when we don’t have class and we can go online or on the webinar app and listen too our teacher. It’s a good way for you to get notes and it’s basically like you are in class, just online. That’s a really good social media resource. Besides the big social media resources like Snapchat, Twitter, Instagram, and many more social medias, I feel like this is a good resource. Especially since our class is about social media, that is a good social media resource. For the material that we have been covering Webinar has been a good tool to use and I recommend we keep using it.

I told you about the different social media sources that we use so many different sources for our social media classes. We use them all for good information that we need too learn about the class and all about social media. Flip-board and webinar were really good resources about social media because majority of the articles we learn about is things like networking and Facebook, Snapchat, twitter and many more. Webinar was probably the best resource that we could use though for the simple fact that when we don’t have class we can do an audio listen and video for us too see an learn about things we need to cover about social media. There’s a lot of different resources that we covered in our social media literacy class, but I feel like those two things were really important for our class and two really great social media resources for us too use. Like I mentioned before webinar is definitely a great resource to use for the simple fact it’s a audio listening and also you can do a video on there as well. All of the resources and different social media topics we discovered in class are important but I would like to see those two be use more and more through the semester, because how good tools they are.

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