Google Verification “The standard bearer”

Google has recently started verifying people and enterprises. Some of you may recall my article featured on Tiffany Pham @Onmogul Platform:

So to bring everyone up to speed. The gist of it is this. I was Verified on @Twitter once. Then for some reason or another. They removed my badge. After speaking with my Twitter rep in their ads department, being solicited by Twitter employees and 3rd party representatives. It dawned on me it was a racket! For the right price anyone could buy “verification badge”. Read my article if you really don't understand what verification is all about.

Recently Google Developers @Google started verifying people and entities of interest. Completely free ,and you or an authorized party with access to your accounts; can start the process. What sets them apart from everyone else? Is the following:

They have a set of parameters that you must perform. Its very simple and not difficult to process. They are transparent in what is needed. (unlike others, you really don't know what qualified them to be #Verified, there is no oversite or set of standards to follow, until now thanks to Google). Unless they where very famous. We just don't know why many (verified accounts) have that designation??

Here is my @Google profile:

Here is the link to do it or have some one you designate process it for you:

I will be posting this with some more in depth information and assessment on my Verified @OnMogul profile. I decided to share here first because your all #ThoughtLeaders

Footnote: since my article published. Twitter has stopped accepting direct public request for #verification . Was it the caused? I think it might have been the final straw; that has them now “revaluting the whole procedure of Twitter verification”. Which is cause for celebration! I love Twitter & it bothered me that some elements of it got #corrupted!