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It is always a dreadful when homework turns into a mountain of labor. Well, this happened to be my situation the past week. I told myself I would not get behind on my work and I took out a majority of it in a day. During that day, I convinced myself I needed a break in between assignments, and fortunate enough, I was asked to play a game of sand volleyball with friends. I pocketed my hard-earned break and walked over to the Marshall. I do not typically play volleyball. I never played competitively growing up, but I thought I would give it a try. In the end, I never would have thought a game of beach volleyball would be such a stimulating and fun activity to draw my attention away from school work.

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1. Weightlifting

Weightlifting is an important aspect within the realm of physical activity. It helps with stress, improves your diet, heart health, and many more physical/mental traits. Weightlifting is a unique aspect of health and well-being, not only to observe, but to also improve. I believe the study on safety of weightlifting needs improvement. I thought to myself, “How can I improve aspects of weightlifting to make it that much better?”

2. Yoga

My mom is a certified yoga instructor, so I have learned about the benefits of yoga over the years. Like weightlifting, yoga is an important part of physical activity. Physical activity is any movement that requires energy. Yoga is the perfect balance between getting active and relaxation. There are many different forms of yoga (i.e. hot yoga, moderate, etc.) and sometimes hot yoga classes can become “too challenging”. Also, many people do not believe in the overall practicability of yoga, so clearly that is a problem. How can yoga be improved to make it appealing to a larger population?

3. Diet

In an era where fast food availability continues to rise along with the rate of obesity, diets are becoming much more popular. The problem of obesity, whether childhood or adulthood, needs even more attention than it is getting currently. Healthier food options need to be successfully presentable to the common public so that eating healthy or dieting become a regular lifestyle. There are many options such a paleo, vegan, gluten-free, etc. — all that can help improve our lives and futures with more attention.

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