Negative Mackeeper Reviews — What Causes it?

Mackeeper is one of the maintenance software that works with Mac computers. It helps you clean your system from viruses and duplicate files; optimize the space by checking if there are large files that needs to be trimmed down or removed; enhance security since it will prompt you that you need to turn on your firewall; control data, and it has a 24/7 customer support or more known as the “geek on demand” that will help you with the rest of your concern. Overall, it increases the lifespan of your computers. After all, everything that is maintained well is surely to last long.

CleanMyMac, DetoxMyMac, mackeeper, MacCleanse, Cocktail, and CleanApp are comparable software to MacKeeper and all work with Mac units. shows that among the seven system maintenance software, MacKeeper is the only one the best security, cleaning, optimization, and data control systems. It is also the only software that helps customer through email, chat, ad phone. More to that, the cheapest of them all! All of the amazing features for $39.95 with money back guarantee in 365 days.

Given the positive Mackeeper Reviews, why is it controversial? Why is something so good yield negative reviews? What causes it?

According to a review article on MacKeeper at, the negative publicity was caused by black PR and cloning, bad affiliations, and Mac ad haters. These were also attested true by Jerimiah Fowler, Mackeeper’s PR Director. Mr. Fowler has stated that they have been victims of poor advertising and PR scammers who have been cloning their software and are creating rogue versions that have been affecting the “real” software. He also added that a lot are enjoying the software, but dislikes the advertisement, and then these haters write negative comments about the advertisement and in some way creates a negative impact on the product as well.

The developers of Mackeeper are trying to make sure that they would be able to change the users’ perception on the product. It will take some time, but it is attainable. and have great and unbiased reviews about the software. also is a very comprehensive website that helps customers understands what the benefits of using the software. If you are reading this to find more information that will help decide whether to buy it or not, hopefully you have found what you are looking for. For your convenience, you can also find more at

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