Mackenzie Ferguson
Sep 16 · 3 min read

The industry-defining cannabis technology company is the first of its kind in Canada to launch its unique retail solution with the country’s youngest legal cannabis store owner

Logos of Verda (left) and Living Skies Cannabis (right)

SASKATOON, Sask. | July 25, 2019 — Waterloo-based cannabis delivery service, Verda, is pleased to announce its partnership with Saskatoon’s only locally owned and operated cannabis retailer, Living Skies Cannabis.

Founded in Waterloo, Ontario, Verda is the first company in Canada to develop a legal same-day cannabis delivery platform. Setting a new standard for cannabis retail, the startup offers both consumer and retail focused applications — boasting same-day delivery, quality service, and access to legal sources.

The startup’s partnership with Living Skies Cannabis is the company’s first notable collaboration as it brings its services to privately-focused provinces like Saskatchewan and Manitoba.

“We are extremely excited to be bringing our solution to the residents of Saskatoon in partnership with Living Skies Cannabis,” says Verda co-founder Evan Adcock. “At Verda, we’re working to redefine and pioneer the technological revolution that is taking place in the Canadian cannabis industry, and this puts us one step closer in achieving that goal.”

Verda’s partnership with Living Skies Cannabis is unique on many levels, one being the age of the retailer’s founder. At 24-years-old, Living Skies’ founder, Cierra Sieben-Chuback, is the youngest legal cannabis store owner in Canada.

“Out of all the companies that have approached me in regard to “delivery options”, none of them have put in as much thought and care into the process as the team at Verda has,” says Sieben-Chuback. “I am thrilled to work with fellow young entrepreneurs to deliver cannabis to the people of Saskatoon in a safe and legal manner.”

Currently, Verda is awaiting legal changes in Ontario in order to bring their services closer to home. In April 2019, Ontario’s provincial government cancelled its tender for couriers to make same-day cannabis deliveries. The only available option to residents is to go through the online Ontario Cannabis Store.

Despite the unpredictable legal climate of some Canadian provinces when it comes to marijuana, Verda is poised to disrupt the nation’s cannabis landscape to make it more accessible for recreational users across the country.



Founded in Waterloo Ontario, Verda is a retail solution built from scratch for the legal cannabis market. With a passion for eliminating the illicit markets by delivering consumer convenience, these entrepreneurs are focused on creating an industry defining cannabis technology company that creates value for government, consumer and retail stakeholders.

Website: www.verda.ca

Instagram: @verda.ca

Twitter: @verdacentral

LinkedIn: Verda Innovations Inc.


Founded in 2018 by young entrepreneur Cierra Sieben-Chubak, Living Skies Cannabis is a recreational cannabis retail store that offers a variety of products and services. From flower to tinctures, bongs to vaporizers, they do it all. Living Skies Cannabis is also pleased to offer at-home delivery as well as mail order. The dispensary is the only locally owned and operated cannabis retailer in Saskatoon.

Website: livingskiescannabis.ca

For media inquiries regarding Verda, please contact:

Melissa Durrell



Mackenzie Ferguson

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Co-Founder & President of Verda

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