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We live in a world where it’s not unusual for people to become completely disconnected from one another. The internet and its easy accessibility have allowed us to both connect and isolate ourselves from society. Of course, the internet and the advancement of technology isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but it has had a massive impact on the way we live our lives.

We don’t say hello to strangers passing on the street. We might not even know our neighbours’ names.

We’ve grown accustomed to this new societal structure of keeping to ourselves, and it has forced us to become…

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An overnight bus from Tokyo to Nagano is an interesting way to travel, especially in the winter. You go to sleep driving past flashing neon lights and moving slowly through the city traffic and wake up to a world of white flurries and icy glass windows. The temperature had dropped significantly, and I woke up shivering, wondering why on earth I hadn’t thrown another jumper into my backpack.

As Tom and I stepped off the bus onto a path slick with ice, I also wondered why I hadn’t worn better shoes. It turns out regular sneakers don’t have a lot…

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In honour of plastic-free July, I wanted to discuss the exclusivity of the low waste movement and how it’s only accessible to the privileged. Before you get your knickers in a knot, hear me out.

I’m a recently graduated 23-year-old just starting my own business and finally having enough money to gain a bit of financial freedom. I have the choice to be plastic-free for this month and teach myself to be more environmentally conscious in everyday life. I’m privileged.

But I’ve also been on the other side of the pond. I’ve had less than $5 in my bank account…

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I am a prolific consumer of self-help and personal development content. I read and watch and study, only to get a few months down the track and realize that not much of what I learned stuck.

An example of this is when I try to set up a workout routine. I go in hard and fast by signing up to a gym with hardcore classes. I’ll push myself to run for an hour straight. I’m not good at slowing down, and I suffer for it.

After a few days or weeks, I’ll have burnt myself out on whatever the new…

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Rock bottom can surprise you. One day you feel completely fine, and then the realisation hits you, you’re not where you want to be.

If you are studying or have graduated from a creative industries degree, then I’m assuming you know exactly what I mean. Unless you come from a trust fund, there’s a good chance you’ll often wake up to a tedious job and realise that you couldn’t be further away from your dream.

Amid everything, it’s highly likely you allowed yourself a small creative break. This is entirely normal and should you ever start to lose joy or…

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