Troubleshooting TiVo Mini’s rebooting and power issues

If you are accessing the TiVo mini to extend your key TiVo DVR to another room, there here is the support to fix up all the issues related to TiVo mini’s reboot and power.

roubleshooting TiVo Mini’s rebooting and power issues: How your TiVo DVR is working? Apart from having the main TiVo DVR digital box, if you willing to stream all your favorite content in another room, then TiVo mini could be the best choice, as it easily extends your main TiVo DVR to another room according to your comfort. The TiVo mini simply feeds off an XLR DVR or TiVo Premiere 4, TiVo Bolt or TiVo Roamio DVR. Simply link the mini to a secondary TV and to the home network, and you will easily get the access to the live and recorded TV, broadband-delivered content and the video on demand services. In the case, if you are getting any power or rebooting related issues, then here is the fine way to fix it.