Hi Mack. Thanks for the great insights.
Hector Olguin

Hi Hector! Thanks for reading the post. We ordered 5 Superpower decks and had the team take turns doing the exercise until we all had completed it. When you purchase the decks, you get access to the Superpowers website that holds additional details about each Superpower (more than what is provided on each card). So with the photo you see of the team reading the Superpowers on the wall, those were actually printed out from the full definitions on the website. The team read those after they had already completed the Superpower exercise.

An additional item to note is that once everyone completed the exercise, they presented their Superpower in front of the entire team. Then, they each created an oversized post-it so that their Superpower was displayed on a highly trafficked wall in the office. For the first few weeks after the exercise, this really helped the entire team to use this knowledge in our daily work. The team was challenged not to think from their individual silos or specialties, but from their actual Superpowers. It took several weeks of practice and then we started seeing progress towards better collaboration from this perspective.

Hope that helps!

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