2015 Year in Review — The Food I Ate Part 6: Burgertime

$18.50 later Tim Horton’s has earned my wrath.
Even there own food doctored photo makes me feel a little sick.
I’ve seen better sandwiches in a constructive criticism session.
I mean what did I really expect?
Like a bad case of acne.
Onion bits on the bun: why? What do they add? Who are they for?
Looks good but it’s closer to dessert than dinner.
Weeping red sauce.
Highly unlikely but even still, makes me miss the U-Cut.
I looked up the definition of frizz: ‘form into small tight curls.’ I don’t think White Spot did their research.
Dog’s lunch.
The patty looked something like this.
Out of focus, just like the person who made my sandwich.
If they were milder they would’ve been much higher on the list. If you’re down with spicy, check these out.
For 7 bucks!
Like something out of a horror movie but pretty tasty.
Look how thick that patty is!
Reminiscent of Vera’s except way better.
Less mustard than a DQ burger.
Fast food burgers usually looks so bad in their “IRL” shots. This one still looks good.
Get that relish out of here!
The bun doesn’t have those shitty onion nubs on it either so I guess it’s not THAT much like the CBO.
You could water ski on those pickles.
It’s got an underbite.
When it’s made well it’s made extremely well.
Imagine they toasted the bun on this baby?
Prawns for days.
Would’ve been better spending your cash on a few pics of your menu, t-weeds.
I just went to look for a picture online, and it looks like I might be too late. RIP Sliders?



Vancouver theatre worker. Hamburgers. Wordplay. http://t.co/wBaBwmSxEe http://t.co/LGTDxhFs8P

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