2015 Year in Review: The People I spent Time With Part 2

Ah, friends.

For an explanation of the numbers as well as the rest of the list go here:


20. Kayla Dunbar — 17.25 (25) — 12th

Kayla’s drop this year can be explained by two very busy people with very oppositely busy schedules. It seemed every time she invited me to hang out, I had something already on my plate and vice versa. Still, there’s a dual intentionality here that really helps keep a friendship strong.

Uhhhhhhhhh, okay?

19. Pippa Mackie — 18 (13) — 38th

A strong January, March, and September highlighted Pippa’s banner year. I directed a show for the Pull Festival last year (who, by the way, are accepting audition submissions for 2016 now) which is also a really good excuse to hang out. Pippa surprisingly didn’t log any casual stats, these were all high-quality intentional times.

There’s lots of good google image search ones for Pippa. But this one with Sara Bynoe might be my favourite.

18. Dan Cameron — 19.25 (13) — 41st

I love this guy. He’s smart and desires intellectual debate and camradrerie. I’m hoping he lands even higher in 2016.

Dan Cameron’s linked-in photo is the only one I can find online.

17. Dawson Reddick — 20.5 (20) — 18th

My sister-in-laws partner. My friend. Dawson is a busy guy, running his own carpentry company from the ground up, he’s made a solid effort to hang out, even boosting his numbers by half a stat.

Not a great view of Dawson’s face but a pretty good view of Dawson’s life.

16 & 15. Kenn Gordon — 23 (16) — 23rd, Deborah Gordon — 23 (16) — 22nd

My parents, what can I say, they’re awesome people that I love spending time with and I was fortunate to get to spend a lot of time with them this year. Just love ’em.

My dad borrows these books and he hasn’t given them back yet.
Lots of youtube screengrabs of my mom online. That’s sort of weird.

14. Kelsey Gilker — 25.25 (2) — NR

Living with Kelsey Gilker during the Summer while working on Robin Hood didn’t necessarily equate that we’d hang out a lot. I had my own room, ya know? But any occassion to play a board game was a good one and any trip out for dinner or a beer was appreciated.

13. Darlisa Turcotte — 25.75 (8) — 87th

It’s been a rollercoaster few years for Dar. She was the Rookie of the Year in 2012, held steady in 2013 and dropped hard in 2014. She’s enjoyed a bounce back campaign in 2015 due in part to moving into the same apartment building as me, The Golden Future, as well as dating a friend who consistently makes the top ten, Brant Hardy. It should be interesting to see how she rounds out 2016.

Dar using a sword as a microphone.

12. Jamie Taylor — 25.75 (15) — 25th

Another big bounce back, Jamie Taylor was humiliated by a 15-hang 2014. She made a commitment to hanging and I commend her for it. Jamie and I have been friends for a long time and I’m very glad to see her back up near the top ten.

It’s very red in the Biltmore.

11. Andrea Bull — 26 (26) — 10th

Complete consistency, Andrea’s stats are interesting because this year she moved back into the Golden Future, peaking in March, May, and August despite moving back-in closer to June. This points out that proximity has little to do with my time spent with Andrea. She had the exact same number of hang outs last year despite living much further away. We gonna hang when we hang.

Getting ready to party.

10. Sullivan Reddick — 26 (12) — 49th

Much of Sully’s gain can be attributed to the fact that he wasn’t alive for all of 2014. A full year mixed with living in the same city as Kaitlin’s sister-in-law, mixed with Sully coming over to do some plumbing and trades work to improve the apartment made for a very good 2015.

Getting ready to party.

9. Eryn Williams — 27.5 (20) — 17th

What a difference a baby makes. Eryn pops up 7.5 hang stats which is pretty darn good for a family member. Family members tend to lack casual hang stats because they’re not often at random parties or get togethers with other friends. Kaitlin and Eryn are closer now than ever and it’s nice to see her around so often.

Eryn and a couple o’ babies.

8. Curtis Collier — 31.25 (28) — 7th

Despite seeing a net gain on hangouts, Curtis loses a position on the charts. Still Curtis is one of my best friends and I’m willing to go out of my way to see him. Interestingly, Curtis only logged a single casual stat in the entire year, giving him 31 unique and deliberate hang out sessions. One casual stat is the lowest of anyone in the top ten.

7. Chris Wilson — 33.5 (21) — 14th

Just a massive showing by this year’s top out of town hanger. Chris lives in Toronto but frequently visits Vancouver. Last year’s 21 as an out of towner actually improved on Chris’ stats when he lived in town. It’s amazing that he managed to improve on it even more. It should be pointed out that Chris and I spent 14 days together in Kelowna touring a show, which, as I pointed out earlier, doesn’t necessarily dictate hang outs. But come on, me and this guy love to hang.

When Chris is fifty he’s gonna have a face like an old baseball mit. In a very good way. Grant’ll never look fifty in his life.

6. John Voth — 33.75 (33) — 4th

A consistent showing from John Voth, the big, loveable German. This year he moved into a house known as Cave Canem which is further away from me than I’d like but we’ve managed to bridge the gaps in geography based on a mutual love of video games and whiskey. He just got a grown-up job and has been out of town a lot lately. I’m really hoping this doesn’t have an adverse effect on 2016.

JV never lets us forget about the time he played Mr. Darcy. Opposite Kaylee Harwood, no less.

5. Jonny Flahr — 34.5 (32) — 5th

Jonny Flahr shows a slight uptick in hangs despite losing 7.5 unit numbers due to his relatively high 10 casual stats. Jonny is a true Summersman, showing a remarkable 17 stats between May and September even with me being out of town for most of June and July. My two favourite memories with Jon this year involve 33 acres. The first was an evening where we befriended a young tech professional from New York who was looking for friends and found us. The other was when the bartender asked us (as well as Curtis, who had run and hid in the bathroom because he forgot his ID) if we were brothers. Before Jon could correct her I led them both down a rabbit hole of lies. I’d stake claim to being Jon’s brother any day.

Foreground: Jonny Flahr freaking out in a limo while Chaad fist pumps, Hannah makes the confused-dog-head-tilt and Dustin opens wide for the doctor’s medicine.

4. Chaad Gramlich — 44.25 (30) — 6th

Chaad won the hockey pool again this year. It made me so sad but I still am friends with him, I guess. I saw him descend to Gremlin mode a few times and even sort of kept up with him on a bike ride. That bike ride was probably my favourite memory of Chaad from 2015, when we rode up to Oak Meadow Park and sat in the dark for some fantasy hockey real talk. We told each other truths about the NHL’s best prospects that I’ve never told anyone before. Skeletons in the closet.

This was a good memory too, when Chaad went full ‘Old Gregg’ at Funky Winkerbeans while singing Bing Bang Baby in honour of Scott Weiland.

3. Brant Hardy — 61.0 (42) — 2nd

Brant upped his total by a huge amount but it still wasn’t enough to move him into the top spot. He was solid for most of the year, peaking in October with 11 deliberate hangs, but really fell off a cliff in November and December with only 3 total tallies! How different could this list be if Brant brought 100 percent every shift? Perhaps we’ll never know and perhaps we’ll find out in 2016. During my time working on “Smoke on the Mountain” at Pacific Theatre, I spent a lot of after matinee afternoons hanging out with Brant and watching playoff Blue Jays, a great year with a great guy.

Who needs catering at a big business lunch like the SBBHL Winter Summit when you’ve got one single Safeway hoagie to pass around?

2. Peter Carlone — 61.5 (72) — 1st

Last year, I warned Peter to watch the throne but his life took on an even busier tone and he dropped by 11 deliberate hangs. His November was strong with 14 hang outs but the prioratization of his time really caught up with him when it came to the casuals. Peter logged a friend-high 22 casual stats to account for only 5.5 deliberates. His 56 unique-quality-hangs still were a heap and good enough to secure him second place on the list (but only just). In 2016, all eyes will be on Peter to see if he can combat the time commitments of a girlfriend and reclaim his crown. Certainly, my favourite memory of Peter is an evening out in Kelowna when we told everyone at a comedy club that we were a gay couple so that we could truly ‘dance like no one was watching,’ as well as the ensuing complicated conversation we had while looking out over the Kelowna valley from the mailbox row on my hometown street.

Prove this isn’t you, Peter. Just prove it.
  1. Nolan Labach — 79.75 (33) — 3rd

Your winner, and neeeeeeeeeeeeew champion, Mr. Nolan Labach. Nolan spent 2015 living in Vancouver and capitalized on being very intentional when making plans. Because his work schedule as a pilot still had him out of town frequently, we often made plans in advance to hang out, a skillful strategy that gilded his already natural talent to seek me out and spend time with me. He was the best man at my wedding and our friendship, while 22 years old, continues to thrive. My favourite time with him this year was certainly our visit to the Coachella Music Festival. Maybe even more specifically, one of my favourite times of this year with anyone was playing air guitar with him to ACDC at the same concert. Or maybe riding the ferris wheel with him. Or maybe the night he ate three teen burgers. Or maybe singing karaoke back-ups with him while Dustin took a spin on the mic. Or maybe singing karaoke with him after the SBBHL Winter Summitt. The list goes on and on and on and on.

Nolan takes a spin on the hoagie express while Andrew looks on.

Of course, the true number one hanger — as always — is the woman I spend most of my time with, my wife, Kaitlin. We took a trip to Portland this year and ended up backstage at the City and Colour concert. We rode a greyhound home from Kelowna at Christmas and laughed embarrassingly loud while watching Nathan for You. We did shots in Kamloops and even gave birth to a play at the Vancouver Fringe. There were ups and there were downs because it’s true that love is a many splendored thing. It’s got beautiful greens and pinks but also darker shades of blue and purple to wring a little truth from the gorgeousness. It’s got facets where I’m out of town working and she’s up to her ears in rehearsal. The house is a mess and the house is clean. We worked together on shows maybe a little too much. We played struggling husband and wife, we played engaged evil pastor and southern belle, we played old flames who couldn’t quite work but couldn’t quite keep away, we held a dinner party, sang blue grass and told our very favourite stories to a small group of good friends. We’ve seen each other sad and tried to lift each other up. We’ve lost money and been given gifts we didn’t expect at times we needed them most. I can’t keep track of all the stories and songs, fights and kisses, hugs and hand holds, with simple numbers and spreadsheets if I wanted to. She’s my partner in so many things and is with me even when she’s nowhere around.

It’s bright.

Vancouver theatre worker. Hamburgers. Wordplay. http://t.co/wBaBwmSxEe http://t.co/LGTDxhFs8P

Vancouver theatre worker. Hamburgers. Wordplay. http://t.co/wBaBwmSxEe http://t.co/LGTDxhFs8P