The State of My Career in 2015

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7 min readJan 20, 2016


This is a little statistical bonus blog to go along with the rest of my Year in Review that can be found here:

The content of this could be deemed somewhat sensitive and is often a bit of a closed door when it comes to public discussion. I hope that my transparency is taken the right way, as candor and honest reflection rather than bragging or whining.

Throughout 2015, I kept track of several details of my career on a pure numbers basis. It helps me to assess, at the end, the trajectory, challenges, and triumphs of my career as a theatre artist. I’ll list these auditions by category, date, venue, production, and finally, the status of that audition; did I get the job (‘booked’), get called back, or was I passed on (note, general auditions are not applicable to any of these outcomes). Here goes:


My hood is so messed up. Some Robin.

March 20 — Chemainus Theatre Festival — Jeeves in Bloom: Passed

April 11 — Project X Theatre — Robin Hood/Shakespeare Show: Booked

April 21—Blackbird Theatre — The Rivals: Passed

May 4 — Green Thumb Theatre — General: N/A

August 17— Bard on the Beach — Othello: Passed

September 10— PI Theatre — Invisible Hand: Passed

November 12— Carousel Theatre — Go Dog Go (video submission): Passed

December 15 — Carousel Theatre — Jungle Book: Passed

December 21 — Chemainus Theatre Festival — Harvey (vid sub.): Booked

This year was much better than last year as far as opportunities to audition goes, though I’m still rabid for more chances to get in front of directors and show my work. There are so many politics/intangibles that go into the selection of actors but the only time I ever feel really discouraged is when I don’t even get a chance. 2015 began and ended with Chemainus and opposite outcomes. I’m really excited to head back there in April. Ultimately, I had 8 roles on the line in 2015 and I booked 2 of them, which is a percentage I’m happy with but a consistency that leaves me cold.

AUDITIONS — Film/TV/Commercial

It could’ve been me!

January 24 — AAA Commercial Audition — Passed

January 29 — Subaru Car Commercial — Passed

February 2 — Albert (Motion Capture) — Passed

February 16 — Tales From the Darkside (vid. sub.) — Passed

March 19 — Radio Hype— Called Back (March 25)

April 6 — Garage Sale Mystery— April 6 — Garage Sale Mysteries — Passed

April 9 — Cedar Creek — Passed

April 28 — Cedar Creek — Passed

May 5— The Ties that Bind — Passed

Sept 11 — Lifetime Series — Passed

Sept 21 — The Bridge — Passed

Despite not booking anything in Film and TV through auditioning, I still managed to do a bit of work in the field through smaller independent options. Film and TV work is hard. It’s a lot more competitive and I often find myself less certain of how to be in the room. The answer is always to be your own engaging self but that’s easier to say than to do. Either way, I think I’m getting better at it and look forward to the opportunities I get in 2016.

Now for the much more cheery accounting of the work I actually did and a small rundown of what each project was.


February 11 — Staircase Theatre — Love Letters (reading)

This was a really fun little reading that Kaitlin and I did for Maryanne Renzetti’s company. The script calls to be read rather than memorized and it tells the story of two lovers’ correspondence over the years.

There’s a lot more pictures of me in this blog than the other entries.

February 20 — Arts Club Theatre — The Foreigner

We did The Foreigner last year with Pacific Theatre and the Arts Club picked up the contract to send us out on their Lower Mainland tour. It was great fun to do the shows for such large audiences.

Just like Ellen.

March 17 — Gateway Theatre — Gross Misconduct (reading)

Meghan Gardiner’s new play Gross Misconduct received a reading at Gateway’s Scene First intiative for new plays. It’s a provocative play that really challenged the audience’s ideas about what a character they like is capable of.

March 18 — Pull Festival IV

I was one of the director’s for 2015’s Pull Festival, putting up short plays by BC’s emerging playwrights. My plays were about a couple on a blind date who were trying to negotiate the proposition of cannibalism; and a distopic sci-fi chase scene involving a literal pandora’s box.

Lindsay Winch and Stephanie Son in Scorch.

April 13 — Peter n’ Chris Sketch

This sketch was initially considered for College Humor but is currently living somewhere in limbo on Peter’s computer.

May 8 — Mojio Commercial

May 18 — Science World On the Road — Prince George

I got a part time job this year doing road shows with Science World, bringing fun demonstrations to elementary and middle schools around British Columbia (outside of Vancouver).

From a hike in an old forest in PG.

June 3 — My True Story (web series)

This was the first of three sessions to film this really interesting web series I’m working on (as an actor). More to come on this in 2016.

Setting up the through the windshield shot. I was stunt driver.

June 7th — Science World On the Road — Kamloops

Another trip with Science World, during this one we got to attend a school that had originally been axed for closing by the school district but instead decide to go ‘off the grid,’ installing a wood burning stove and minihydro power converters to take their annual budget from over 100 grand/year to absolutely nothing (aside from the roughly 16k install and current maintenance).

Also the school was Hari Krishna.

July 16 — Project X Theatre — Robin Hood

I went to Kamloops in late June to start working on Project X’s Summer production of Robin Hood. I was playing the title roll so how could that not be the coolest?

Robin, the Sheriff, and Sir Guy of Gisborne.

September 11 — Level-Headed Friends Productions — Shake the Sheets!

This is a play I wrote myself that Kaitlin and I produced for Vancouver’s Fringe Festival. It was a rousing success with an almost sold out run, the cover of the Westender and (mostly) great reviews.

If I knew we’d make the cover, I would’ve manscaped a little more. But then, we probably wouldn’t have made the cover.

October 9 — Pacific Theatre — Smoke on the Mountain

The polar opposite of Shake the Sheets! I played a well-meaning Southern Baptist preacher who was hosting a family of travelling blue grass musicians in his rickety chapel.

Harry Truman lookalike.

October 16th — Science World Murder Mystery

I wrote the script for Science World’s annual murder mystery, an eight cast member multi-media even for 1200 audience members. I was acting in Smoke on the Mountain at the time and never got to see the finished product.

We did a test of the murder mystery at a fringe fundraiser party. It was the closest I got to see the thing.

October 22 — Filter Commercial

A commercial for an app that filters your text messages. I had to ring a little bell.

November 7— Twenty-Something Theatre — Small Change (reading)

As a part of Twenty-Something’s initiative for emerging writer’s, one of my oldest finished plays got a chance to be heard by a small audience. I must say it was awkward and strange to see words I wrote so long ago spoken aloud. It was a cool and valuable opportunity nonetheless.

November 15th — Peter n’ Chris — Peter n’ Chris and the Hungry Heart Motel

I went along with the guys to run their tech and drive their rental car as they toured Kelowna middle and high schools. It was so fun.

My view of the action.

In addition to these larger projects, my patchwork paycheque was also made up of simulation work for institutions such as the Justice Institute of BC and UBC Medical. I worked 8 times for the Justice Institute and 7 small contracts as a standardized patient.

I was busy in 2015 but not as busy as I like to be. Amongst this work was also time-spent on writing projects that have yet to see the light of day. In this industry you spend most of your time opening a house full of doors and hoping that one of those doors actually leads into a room rather than back outside. I’m hopeful for 2016.


I had three haircuts in February, May and October.

I also had three colds, with two of them spanning much longer periods of time than I’m used to:

January 5 — January 24

February 27 — March 4

November 9 — December 4 (with some small pockets of good health)

That’s it for me. See ya next year!



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