The State of My Career in 2015

My hood is so messed up. Some Robin.
It could’ve been me!
There’s a lot more pictures of me in this blog than the other entries.
Just like Ellen.
Lindsay Winch and Stephanie Son in Scorch.
From a hike in an old forest in PG.
Setting up the through the windshield shot. I was stunt driver.
Also the school was Hari Krishna.
Robin, the Sheriff, and Sir Guy of Gisborne.
If I knew we’d make the cover, I would’ve manscaped a little more. But then, we probably wouldn’t have made the cover.
Harry Truman lookalike.
We did a test of the murder mystery at a fringe fundraiser party. It was the closest I got to see the thing.
My view of the action.



Vancouver theatre worker. Hamburgers. Wordplay.

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