Freedom With Writing Reviews 2020 | Is it Scam Or Legit?

Earning money as an online freelance writer is a good idea that can be quite profitable if you know what you are doing. With lots of freelance writing sites online today, you have probably heard about Freedom with Writing.

Most of these sites, however, turn out to be hyped up scams or offer you with outdated and low-quality information. Welcome to our Freedom with Writing review to know how the site operates and whether it is free like it claims.

If you want to know whether Freedom with Writing is a scam or legitimate freelance writing opportunity, here is an exclusive Freedom with Writing review.

What Is Freedom With Writing?

Freedom with Writing is an electronic web magazine for self-employed online writers. They are all about sending you appraisals links of companies with freelance writing jobs, articles, reviews, and content that are related to your field of writing that you have chosen.

This is not a job board as they are just a middle man that connect freelance writers to third party clients. Most of these third-party companies that Freedom with Writing will send you to have stringent rules as to what they will accept and often disqualifies those who submit their work. Experienced freelancers will hence have an advantage over beginners in passing the tests.

How Much Does It Cost to Sign Up?

Freedom with Writing is absolutely free to register. I am not sure how they keep it free of charge, but it is. You only need to sign up with your email in a few minutes, and you are good to go.

You are probably thinking that you will be filled with thousands of spams for them to earn some income by trading your address. This is, however, not the situation. In fact, after signing up, one will be rewarded with a free eBook on writing eBooks. One can gift these eBooks as a lead magnet or use them as a great way of making some money.

How Do You Earn Money?

Do not be mistaken; Freedom with Writing will not give you any payments. You will be waged by the firms that you register for. Freedom with Writing reviews and recommends these companies to you, but it is your responsibility to research if the specific company is the type you want to work with.

The company has a downside in that they send you writing jobs links to companies trying to get freelancers to write for free, hoping that they can eventually make money, and its up to you to check whether the company is legitimate. It is hence essential that you find out about the company and if they are what you were looking for before committing yourself.

Freedom with Writing sends you email links to the recommended company where you will go to their website and check their reviews.

Freedom with Writing Contests

Freedom with Writing conducts some exciting contests from time to time. These contests act as an excellent opportunity for freelance writers to earn some big cash prizes.

However, a lot of these contests only select stories that sound real and touching. You will hence require to write a piece that is unique for you to emerge as the winner of the contest. They are incredibly selective when it comes to the topic of the contest, and it must be a true story.

You will hence be out of luck if you don’t have an incredible and true story that has happened to you concerning the topic of the contest. In most cases, Freedom with Writing pay from $200 up to $500 for a story or poem.

The fact that lots of writers participate and submit their stories on this site needs you to be extremely lucky to win. But this does not mean you should not participate or you cannot win.

Is Freedom with Writing Legit?

According to our research review on Freedom with Writing, this site is legit. It is a perfect site that will send you legitimate offers to get paid to write.

However, for newbie writers who have never written content for other people, they might struggle to earn money from this website.

Freedom with Writing does not give you skills and training that are in demand for freelance writers. The content requesters in this site do not accept generic content that is written by random people online; hence have strict tests and guidelines that you must pass to be accepted.

Most of the third-party companies want freelance writers who are competent in writing

  • An easy to read content,
  • Be able to write blogs,
  • Have some knowledge on SEO.
  • Ability to convert people online.

If you don’t have any of these skills, it will be hard for you to pass the tests or find writing jobs.

Experienced writers will love this website, particularly the contests. On the contrary, newbie writers will struggle because they are likely to be rejected.

Final Thought

If you want to earn short term cash or access more online writing jobs, Freedom with Writing is a legitimate and helpful site to assist you in launching your freelancing career.

Freedom with Writing offers you an excellent opportunity to experienced freelance writers that want to find out other websites where they can get paid to write.

However, this site will be quite useless, in my opinion, to beginner writers as they do not provide training or information on how to pass the tests or other staff.

The website is not a scam and will surely make you money. It is a fantastic opportunity for you to get into freelance writing and use your writing skills to earn money from home. Though there is a lot of competition and no guarantee that jobs will always be available, be consistent and in a matter of time before you start getting jobs.

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