Bloukrans Bridge Bungee Jump

Mack Prioleau

The Bloukrans Bridge Bungee is the largest commercial bridge bungee in the world. Located in South Africa, the bridge measures 709 feet above the Bloukrans River. Bloukrans Bridge became the first African bridge for bungee jumping back in 1990. Face Adrenalin assumed control of the bridge back in 1997 and has been accident free since this time.

Knowing that Face Adrenalin has never had an accident certainly helped calm the nerves a little bit. The views were incredible and overall it was an amazing experience. This definitely lived up to its name. It was absolute adrenaline rush. Check out the video from my jump below!

Mack Prioleau

Written by

Mack Prioleau lives in Dallas, and works in the financial end of the real estate industry. Mack Prioleau enjoys travel and the outdoors.

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