@5Somewhere — Vancouver Beer culture and the Microbrewery Boom!

For the past few weeks my radio show team has been working on our radio show concept 5Somewhere. Carly, Steph, Zac and I have created an radio show based on beer in Vancouver. Micro breweries and Vancouver beer culture will be a main topic on our show but we will also be touching on breweries within B.C. and beer festivals. Together we have built a Wordpress website along with a Twitter and Instagram account.

Content - Beer, Beer, Beer, Micro breweries, Vancouver and so much more!

5Somewhere will take a unique look at beer culture in Vancouver from visiting breweries, tasting the latest brews, and checking out beer festivals in B.C. The team and I are very excited about this project and are hoping to continue it even after the course is done.

Social Media - Instagram/Twitter @5Somewhere

The social media aspect of our project has surprisingly taken off more then we had suspected. Within hours of making both Twitter and Instagram we gained about ten followers on each platform, which is crazy, I can barely gain followers on my personal accounts. As the weeks have gone by, I’ve noticed our instagram has succeeded our twitter account in followings. 5Somewhere has picked up alot of speed on instagram, every time one of the team members take just one picture of a pint beer or a cask, we immediately receive atleast 5 likes. People really, really like beer which is good for us because we like it too!

So check us out already! http://5somewhere.bcit-media.com/