Cairene Canto:


السلام عليكم

It was weird seeing the California blue and green view from the plane to the brown and light brown view of the Middle East.

I have been in Cairo for a couple of days now. Weather is surprisingly tolerable. Food is good and cheap. People are pretty friendly. The student house I am staying at has a lot of Americans, one actually also from the bay. I am so thankful for that, I was afraid I was going to feel so displaced. I thank God for that.

I thing that I am afraid of are the drivers over here. They don’t follow the lanes, they speed, and they brake at the last possible second. There are no crosswalks so you have to cross the second you get the chance. In America we have this complex with cars when we’re the pedestrians. We have the right of way and we look at driver while we’re crossing like “ this is my road!”. Cairenes WILL NOT STOP FOR PEDESTRIANS, its real life Frogger out here. It’s going to take some time to master the skill of Cairene crossing.

If Cairo was a heart, it would belong to some adrenaline junkie who would fight a bear because he/she was bored.

I’m still weary about taking pictures/videos due to lack of knowledge of the customs and language , but give it some time I’ll take better ones inshAllah (God Willingly). A bad picture update will be coming up soon as well.

Til next time,

السلام عليكم

- Yusuf Magpuri