“When things will cool down for you, do me the favor and take the time to think about what the…

The whole point of the author is by continuously hailing Obama, you proved you support to the slaughtering in Pakistan. You “thought” about it? What did you do to stop it? I bet not half of what you would do now to stop Trump’s crazies in the street.

You now oppose Trump because he’s a threat to you, and you would like that threat to stop. People in the “wrong” areas in Pakistan and Yemen have been wishing “it” to stop for many years and Obama has actually done more of it, all year long!

You say that with Trump, bombing are not likely to stop. That’s absolutely right. The author doesn’t say he believes otherwise. What he’s telling you is from his point of view, and from the victims in Pakistan and Yemen points of view, Obama has never been the good guy. So hailing him as such was adding an insult to the murdering. Trump is not depicted as the good guy, quite the opposite, and yet he was elected.

So what the author said is that: before, USA was murdering innocents while pretending their president is a good guy. Now at least the act match the character’s description.

For your record, I’m not happy with Trump’s election, I’m not happy with what happens to you, and I don’t hate USA. But I completely understand the author’s point of view. When you see people dying around you for no reason and knowing their will be no consequence for the murderer, it’s hard to be empathetic with the country that did it.

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