No, I do not believe they are good to eliminate enemies.
Willi Kampmann

Who do you think you help in Syria?

The nice Kurds?

Arab rebels?

The “moderate” ones occasionally side with Al-Qaeda soldiers against Assad’s army. These are the moderate. The less moderate are looking forward to rebuild Syria as an Islamic state like Afghanistan under Taliban’s regime.
This is why Obama seems less in a hurry to remove Assad while other countries didn’t learn their lesson yet! But since he cannot say it up and loud because Assad is also a dictator and also a mass-murderer, he decided to let the Russians do the dirty job of helping Assad openly.

Is that the ok strategy you were talking about? There was never a “good guy” to start with in Syria, and there won’t be any at the end!

As for Pakistan and Yemen, with which USA is not at war, meaning they can kill anyone they want inside while locals have no saying, you seem to agree there are better strategic options. Now, again, stand in the shoes of the victims relatives: do you think they would patiently wait for people to debate and devise a better strategy? What are they supposed to do to stop the bombing on their head? Why do you hate them so much that you decide it’s an ok compromise to let them die and keep killing them until further notice?

What would you do to stop it if it was happening on US soil? Are you doing that to stop it in their home?

Nope. You consider there are more important issues to you. The author is not saying anything else but that: massacre by US drones in Pakistan and Yemen is a minor concern to most US people. And he’s saying that makes US folks the bad guy. Difference with Trump is now the act match the face.

And once again: I don’t like Trump and I’m not happy with what happens in USA.

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