Interesting Facts About Freelance Writing Jobs Online In India

According to a recent study, the demand of freelance academic writing jobs online in India is quite high. The reason is these jobs offer lucrative pay. Apart from that, this career option allows one to work according to his or her convenience. People only talk about the advantages of freelance academic writing jobs. Do you know the life of a freelance writer is not very easy? There is no permanent clients, no permanent income and most importantly no certainty. Some harsh facts about freelance academic writing jobs are discussed in this article.

1. Starting up is not so easy

It’s quite challenging to begin a career in academic writing. At first, it’s quite hard to find clients. Many beginners spend weeks and even months looking for proper online academic writing jobs. Therefore, at the initial stages of your career, you have to struggle. But do not stop. Keep trying. After all, hard work is the only mantra to success.

2. Rejections will be there

You may get rejected several times at the initial stages of your career. But remember rejections are part of life. Your client may not like the paper you have drafted and reject you. You should not lose hope. Keep applying for academic writing jobs online.

3. Not every client will like your work

Every client has his own choices and preferences. It’s okay, if a client does not like your work. That does not mean you are a bad writer. It means that he or she does not like your writing style. In such cases, look for another client instead of getting depressed.

4. Clients can leave you without any notice

Clients do not owe you anything. They can leave you anytime. If you want to be a freelance academic writer, you need to prepare yourself for this. You also have to increase the number of clients.

5. Most clients tend to pay low

Most of the clients have the intention to get their work done at minimum rates. Even many look for free work. Therefore, you need to learn to negotiate with the clients. If you think that a client is offering too low price, then it is better not to work with him.

6. Many clients do have unrealistic expectations

Many clients are there who do not know the exact requirements. They look for full time writers at the budget of a freelancer. They have unrealistic expectations from their writers. Therefore, you need to familiarize yourself with the responsibilities of a freelancer so that your clients cannot exploit you.

7. If you work at low rate for long, you won’t get high budget projects

Starting with low budget projects is fine. But if you continue charging less, you won’t be able to get high budget projects. So, know the market price and charge accordingly. You have to think about yourself first. Everyone in the industry will try to exploit you.

8. Some clients do not clear payment on time

Many clients do not clear all the due payments of their writers on time. Therefore, before you start working with a client make sure that he or she does not delay the payment. Otherwise, you may get cheated.

9. Bidding is an effective way to get big projects

If you want to get big projects, then you have to learn to bid. This task is not so easy. There are multiple bidding sites. You can register with those sites.

Only one facet of the story has been brought into light. Another side needs to be revealed. Many authentic job portals are there which help beginners to chase their dream of being a well-known academic writer. These portals offer handsome-paying freelance academic writing jobs. Such portals offer the following facilities to their freelance writers.

· They clear all the dues of their writers on time

· They allow home-based work

· They provide 24x7 support to their writers

· They do not charge anything for sign-up

· They assure work throughout the year

You can register with these job portals. But you should not forget to verify the authenticity of the site before getting connected with them.


Many think that the life of a freelance academic writer is very easy. As a result, they quit their desk jobs in order to begin their career in this industry. But the truth is it’s not easy to become an academic writer. Some facts about freelance academic writing jobs are discussed in this article.

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Neha Sharma, a successful academic writer, has been associated with most authentic platform, which offers freelance writing jobs online, for last many years. She holds doctorate degree in Economics.

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