Barcelona cards and passes comparison

I love Barcelona and I actually try to spend some time there every year. By-product from my passion for this beautiful mediterranean city is a Barcelona tourist guide I created in Czech language.

Over the years more and more folks from abroad have been asking me for the tips, recommendations and the best deals for the city so I decided to translate my Barcelona guide to English 🎆

But before I'll be able to manage this I'd like to share with you little 💎 that will help anyone who's planning the visit of the Barcelona city — it's my comparison table where you can quickly compare and review different tourists cards and passes available in the city. With them you can save money, time or both. They are totally worth the money, mostly for the short visits. So without further ado, let's look at it.

Comparison table for Barcelona tourist cards and passes

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As my Barcelona travel guide is not ready yet, you can leave me your e–mail below and I'll send you brief message with my top Barcelona tips (It'll be the same e-mail I send to my friends when they ask for help — no spam 🙌).

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