On Being A Writer

Bravo, alto! I too was an only child and you captured the pros & cons exceptionally well. I’ve been a writer for 15yrs (it was the first draft of my first novel in my case) and was a musician for 50yrs…but throughout the whole time it was the raconteur in me that never failed to manifest. A blessing of a childhood’s worth of listening — perhaps critically — to adults tell stories.

Strangely, I presently live on a floor of apartments inhabited entirely by only children — from age 70 to age 10. We share a communal breezeway and all pass each other often…but the vibe is fantastic. Five people totally into the things they are into as only only children can be. We laugh and talk and visit when both people aren’t into their things, but never feel odd about respecting anyone’s absorption or being absorbed. And all an unplanned accident of fate.

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