My Monthly $5 Rant

Bravo! (No offence, but it’s more like a $4.00 rant…though since rants are one of the few hot items on Medium, besides how to make an impossible amount of money doing AI toaster ovens — I bet a lot of readers would willingly assess it as at least a $7.50 rant.)

I’m delighted to see you keeping the (bad) faith, here. (Personally, I can’t help but ask myself, “What did you actually expect from the people who blessed us with Twitter?”)

I last published a piece here last Jun…the one before that in Apr. Like you, I’ve taken my business elsewhere this year & limited myself to daily purse-seining Medium for non-paywalled items of interest…& the occasional comment, of course. (Funny thing is, with 2yrs of archive, my stats run just about the same levels as when I was actually seriously writing for Medium readers (or thought I was.) The other funny thing is I’m getting so much other writing done — some of which actually pays — & my latest novel is coming along with far fewer interruptions. And, the writing I do actually gets read! That never happened much on Medium.

It is what it is, even though there are more Filipinos writing here than there were 2 or 3 years ago — a couple of them I know personally. I gossip with them (a Filipino national pastime) about Medium & am never surprised to see them vanish in 2–4mos (in the case of mature writers) or maybe hang on a year or more in the case of the younger ones. (I never gossip with the younger ones…let them experiences all the putative thrills of publishing on Medium as long as they can. Their day of disillusionment will come soon enough without any help from me.

Meanwhile, here, I read & comment when the spirt moves. As always, Gutbloom, I’m always delighted (& perhaps a but amazed) to find another slug of dreck…even month to month. ~ Mc