Here’s What I Learned About Writing A Book — By Writing A Fucking Book
Abby Norman

Congratulations Abby! I’m really a novelist but a friend convinced me to write a memoir (published last year) “while you’ve still got your memory,” was the way she put it. I believe I’ll never write another memoir, though I’m glad I wrote this one.

Books are great! They are, for better or worse, genuine artifacts. There are more things I’m sure you’ll discover once it’s published — a truly mixed bag, actually — I was surprised, for instance, by the difference in the number of copies sold & the number actually read. I’m glad you’re already working on your next book. Writing a book is long…publishing a book can be even longer. I have a novel I’m buffing for submission, another in first draft awaiting attention (while I’m submitting) and a work in progress, attempting to keep my work hitting the markets. Good luck — glad you found a good agent. Break a leg!