I Give You Fair Warning

Go Gutbloom, go! Excuse the shotgun nature of this response, but:

  1. As a musician for 50yrs, the last 20 or so of them I really didn’t like listening to music & did as little of it as possible. Now that I no longer play professionally I hardly listen at all…I much prefer the music in my head.
  2. A few years ago, I sat next to a young writer at a dinner party. She couldn’t stop talking about her NaNoWriMo writing. As an author myself, I thought she was crazy. In the years following, a version of her NaNoWriMo project was published by Penguin while the memoir I was writing at the same time was published by a small university press, unpromoted & barely distributed. (If there’s a lesson in that, it’s escaped me so far)
  3. I too write as an avoidance mechanism. My solution has been keeping a number of writing & editing projects on the stove — that ensures that I hardly do anything but write. (Fortunately, I live in the tropics where firewood chopping is no longer a big issue.)
  4. I’ve found serialized books in Medium heartbreaking — interesting (sometimes fascinating) writing that just stops for no apparent reason. Makes me shy about investing time in reading new projects only to face further heartbreak.

Since I’m an oddly devoted Gutbloom follower, I hope that, if you do serialize, you won’t break my heart. Go for it!

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