The Asian American Women Writers Who Are Going to Change the World
R.O. Kwon

Thanks for this, R.O. Kwon! Except for being a writer & editor, I have the opposite perspective, being old, a man, & an American-Asian in that I’ve lived over half my life in Manila. (I did notice the absence of women Fil-Am writers, in the opening, but I know how impossible it is to make selections against word count. There are many very good ones, young &…less young.)

Besides the writing wisdom imparted, I particularly appreciated the piece because, as a child in Texas 60-some-odd years ago, I was often spellbound by the conversations of women. As an adult, I have too few opportunities to be a fly-on-the-wall listener — especially w/r/t a set of subjects that are of such great interest to me. Wonderful job! Thanks again.

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